Kerala Traditional Kasavu Sarees Pictures

Kerala Kasavu Saree also called settu mundu or mundum neriyathum. Kasavu Sarees are in body Colour mostely in Goden and Other Dark Colour Border. This is Cream colour and Green and Silver Colour Border Kerala Kasavu Saree Photos. This is Handloom Design Material Traditional  Kasavu Sarees Mostly wear Malayalee Women.

Mural Design Kerala Sarees Pictures

Traditional Kerala Cream Colour Mural Designer Printed Saree Photos. This Type of sarees designed by fabric Print Methot. Mostly This Type Mural Design Print Saree is Cream Colour and Green, Golden, Silver Colour use for Mural Design Print. Traditional Kerala Mural Designer Print Saree Mostly woman wear on Fesitval.

Kerala Saree Kathakali Print

Kathakali Face Design Print on Off White with Golden Colour Border Kerala Sarees Images. Traditionally and Beautiful Saree Pallu is Hand Printed. This Kerala Kathakali Saree Mural Print based on Traditional Dance Form South Indian Kathakali. On Off White Colour Sarees Golden Border and Colourful Kathakali Face Hand Print.

Patola Design Sarees

Designer Green and Red Patola Saree with Brown Colour Border and Pallu. Patola Saree is type of double Silk Saris made in Surat, Ahmedabad and Patan, Gujarat, India. This Patola Saris Prices are very high. For one Saree may take from one year to six month to made. Every Indian Desi Woman want this saree in his wardrobe. Rajkot Patola is Famomus Saree.

Double Ikat Patola Sarees Photos

Double Ikat Patola Silk Saree in Many Colours. This is Multicolour Rajkot Patola Saree. Patola Saree Looking Beautiful and Gorgeous. Every Indian, Desi Girls and Women like This Rajkot Patola Saree to be a status symbol. 

Patola Saree Yellow Colour

Gujarati Style Yellow Colour Patola Sarees Pictures.

Bagh Printed Saree Yellow Colour

Yellow Natural Colour Traditional MP Bagh Block Printed Saree.

Bagh Printed Saree Blue Colour

Madhya Pradesh Bagh Print Blue Colour Sarees Photos.

Bagh Printing Saree Red Colour

Traditional Hand Block and Natural Red Colour Bagh Print Sarees.

Bagh Print Sarees White Colour

Madhya Pradesh Bagh Blok Printed Traditional White Colours Saree.

Bagh Print Saree Black Colour

Black Colour Hand Block Bagh Printed Saree Pics.

West Bengal Batik Print Saree

West Bengal Designer Handloom Batik Print Saree Pics.

Batik Handloom Print Blue Colour Sarees

Blue Colours Handloom Printed Batik Saree Images.

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